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Welcome to America’s Wellness Clinic
and, welcome to an American reality
Two of the greatest concerns that most Americans have,
especially as they grow older, are…
America’s Wellness Clinic is a network of clinics dedicated in providing
sensible health care solutions and practical wealth building
strategies to Americans everywhere.  
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Health Related Products & Services

Cancer Screening
Annual Wellness Visit
PGX Testing
Cancer Screening
ARP WAVE Therapy
Pre-Conception Testing
Life Vantage

Medicare's Annual
Wellness Visit
Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing
While there are many health related
products and services offered by the
clinic, *Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit
for Part B beneficiaries is the flagship
of the clinic’s health related services.  In
virtually all cases, Medicare Part B will
pay100% for the visit, with zero co-pay.
A simple saliva test reveals which prescription drugs will work best, or least for you, based on your specific genetic make up.  No more guessing as to which medicine might be most effective for you.  Stop adverse drug reactions! 
A Non-Invasive Cancer Risk Pre-Disposition test analyzing 31 Genes linked to 8 of the most prevalent
and devastating solid tumor
hereditary cancers:
  • Colorectal
  • Breast 
  • Ovarian
  • Endometrial

  • Prostate
  • Pancreas
  • Stomach
  • Skin
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FREE Wellness Workshops
You c
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      Health Issue(s)? 



Natural energy, improved focus, better sleep and renewed wellness are just the beginning when your cells are free of toxins.
  • Detox
  • Weight Management
  • Nutrition
NRF1 & Nrf2 Synergizer

Discover the only supplement that is scientifically proven in a clinical study to reduce the cellular stress in humans by an average of 40 percent in 30 days.
Learn more about diabetes, nutrition, diet, exercise, mobility, loneliness,depression and alcoholscreenings and other challenges you may be faced with. You can attend these helpful workshops right in our own community room We apply the latest proven cutting edge technologies.
·   Arthritis?
·   High Blood Pressure?
·   Cancer?
·   Diabetes?
·   Neuropathy?
·   Fibromyalgia?
·   Sore Muscles/Joints
·   Headaches? Fatigue?
·   Low Energy? Depression?
·   Toxicity Issues?
·   Sleep Disorders?
·   Sports or Work Injuries?
·   Obesity?
·   Alcohol Problem?
·   Backaches?
·   Gout?
·   Vertigo? Dizziness?
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Pre-Conception Testing
ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy
Available at Our Clinic
What Are Your
Financial Issue(s)?
Pre-Conception Genetic Carrier Test detecting 2,500 gene mutations linked to over 60 of the most common and devastating Hereditary Diseases that can be passed unknowingly from parent to child.

​​An FDA approved medical device that accelerates the healing of injuries and can eliminate arthritis for good in just a few sessions. This may be your answer to persistent aches, chronic pain and better movement.  Covered by many insurances.
ARP Wave Lakewood, Denver
·   Reverse Mortgages?
·   Insurance?
·   Tax & Estate Planning?
·   Home Care?
·   Long Term Care?
·   Housing Transitions?
·   Credit Repair Service?
·   Accelerated Debt Payoff?
·   Alternative Investments in           energy, real estate, precious         metals, etc.?

Jackie Cole
Licensed Massage Therapist

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​Thermography Specialist
​ARP Wave Neuro Therapy
Meeting Room for Rent by the Hour or Day
No claims, guarantees or results are made as to which of the entities that are represented may or may not be most appropriate, or may or may not work for you. You are responsible for your own decisions and are encouraged to do your own research before making a decision.
  1. Managing Director
Jeff Prystupa

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